Welcome to Stope Technology Services


Our vision is to be a company that;

  • is the leader in its field of business
  • is recognized by its clients as being pro-active, professional, ethical, reliable and providing value for money products
  • is regarded by its employees as an employer that encourages, recognizes and rewards consistent and dedicated effort and that offers challenging career paths and opportunities
  • gives an acceptable return to its shareholders


  • we believe in no compromise for the safety of workers
  • we believe in superior quality and service
  • we believe in striving to be the best
  • we believe in team work and focus
  • we believe in the importance of the details of execution, the nuts and bolts of doing the job well
  • we believe in informality to enhance communication
  • we believe in saying it as it is
  • we believe that ethics and transparency are essential ingredients for long term growth and survival
  • we believe in ‘partnerships’ with our clients and suppliers working to common objectives
  • we believe in the importance of people as individuals


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